August 2016 From The Desk of The President


Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer and have spent some quality time with your friends and family and enjoying these months that fly by so quickly.  Needless to say, it’s a hot one and September is just around the corner.

Our Annual Fishing Tournament was a great success and thanks to our Chair, Tom Worthington, and his team who put it all together so well.  Our fishing teams really pulled it off and reeled in a lot of fish with Greg Ross of Team USA Claims and his crew being the winner with over 97 pounds of Tuna plus over 20 pounds of Kingfish!  Thank you to our other sponsors SEA and Super Restoration who parked their awesome RV out front and served us breakfast!! A big thank you to all of you and I hope everyone had a great day.

Congratulations to the Laurie Flood Scholarship recipients – Grant Chiappelli, Stephanie Bohigas, Emily Antinucci and Amanda Fox.  We all wish them the greatest success in their endeavors and accomplishments.

As the association is taking a Summer Break for July and August, we hope to see you at the next General Meeting scheduled for September 15, 2016.  Chair of that the September event is Lenny Gradwell and our website will have that information posted in the very near future.

Again as a reminder, upcoming events for the rest of the year are the annual “Family Day” on October 8, 2016, the Elections event on November 3, 2016 and of course the Holiday Party on December 3, 2016.  We hope you have marked your calendars with these upcoming dates and will join us.

You’ll be getting a special email regarding the Holiday Party which is going to be extra special this year, thanks to the planning and special venue we’re got in place.  Don’t miss this party this year!!

Please visit our website front page where all the events are shown for 2016 and monitor our website for specific information on upcoming events.  If you’re having any problems in registering as a new member or logging on and registering for an event, please don’t hesitate to contact me direct for assistance.

Remember if you have suggestions or comments about any of our events or in general, we urge you to drop us a note to or to me personally at  .  We would like to hear from our members and want their input on future events and comments on past events.

Again, we cannot express how much we appreciate your participation and support in our association.

JoRenee Formento

2016 President